Meet Jesse Watson

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You probably don’t know Jesse Watson well enough…

Country music artist Jesse Watson

As I am writing this, my Bose headphones are blaring out the words “Hey Mister DJ play me a song, one about truckin’ all night long”. Jesse Watson’s song “Chicken Lights and Chrome” is the best trucking song I have heard since George Strait’s “Brothers of the Highway” on his Troubadour album. Prior to the mid-1990’s or so there was an abundance of trucking songs, and other songs about real life, but what happened to them all? I think Jesse Watson is asking himself the same question.

Who is this Jesse Watson fellow that you speak of you ask? Let me introduce you. When I first stumbled across Jesse’s work, I was an instant fan. I listened first to “Chicken Light’s and Chrome” and then “Drive”. I felt a relation to his music; I could feel the sincerity. His official bio says “Jesse?s goal for his songs is that his listeners know he?s been there, made it through, and that they?re able to use his songs to help them through similar situations.”


I had the pleasure to speak to Jesse and get to know him better. The main theme I sensed from him was a dedication to roots. He cut his teeth on George Strait and Kenny Chesney, after he had worn out his dads Ricky Skaggs record.

“The Chair” and “Where I Come From” are a couple of his favorite tracks by these artists. Growing up just miles from Kenny Chesney, across the county line, seems to motivate Watson to learn from that mentor and follow in those footsteps.

He is a natural song writer who has taken great inspiration from Kim Williams. You probably don’t know Williams by, the name, but you know these number one hits that he has written, “If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets” by Joe Diffie, “Papa Loved Mama,” “It’s Midnight Cinderella,” “Ain?t Going Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up” and “She’s Gonna Make It” by Garth Brooks, “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” by Reba McEntire, “Who Needs You Baby” by Clay Walker, and “Three Wooden Crosses” by Randy Travis. I must say, Watson pick his mentors well.

Jesse Watson and his band have collectively written over 150 songs in recent years. He has written all of his recorded songs.

Upcoming Events

Jesse tells me that there are great things in the works right now. He is currently wrapping up a tour with his band. One of the highlights of this tour was opening for The Band Perry in Rogersville, Tennessee, for their Fourth of July celebration. Once the tour is complete, it is into the studio to record an album, due out in early 2012. He is also in talks with record labels and some artists to tour with.

NOTE: Keith Urban, he really wants to tour with you, so when you read this, call me, I will put you in touch.

Jesse Watson’s Music

Now let me introduce you to his music. Don’t forget to buy his single when you are done. It is just $1.


Jesse Watson - Chicken Lights and Chrome

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Chicken Lights and Chrome


Sittin’ In A Memory

Jesse Watson - Chicken Lights and Chrome

Buy this album today! It is just $1

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